The construction was complete in less than 30 days leaving only the trimming and painting which was totally complete in less than 45 days.The amazing part about this is the fact that some of the volunteers didn't even know there was a project when they came to the area for vacation . They just showed up at the gate and asked if they could help. Turns out they had been at Sail Fest or Guitar Fest and they just happened to run into Steven who told everyone about the project , and if they showed any interest, he asked if they would like to volunteer some time.The most amazing and miraculous thing was , when you showed up at the house and asked what you could do to help, you had the experience and skills to do exactly what we needed to be done at that exact moment. God is so faithful in bringing the right people at the right time. We have been heading up projects like this for a while and shouldn't be surprised, but we still get a thrill when it happens.


During the construction, we fed at least 20 people every day and it was obvious that the kitchen facility was not adequate for the job. Shortly after the construction was finished, new children arrived and now there are over twenty mouths to feed every day. Eunice says, she needs more kitchen space and functional space ,so, we are currently working on the plans for the new kitchen. We don't have a time frame as yet, but probably next fall or winter. We will complete the design and estimate and we will get that information to you and hopefully you will want to support this project as well. (Some of you have already asked if we will have a project for next year)

There was time for play, laughs, songs, friends, and good food too!

The construction of Talita Cumi is complete---Now the construction of their parents hearts must begin.  This will be the work of the Holy Spirit and your prayers as we share Christ with these needy mothers and fathers.


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"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations" Matthew 28:19

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