Prayer Requests

Dear faithful prayer warriors,
Thank you for your prayers for the presentation that the inmates gave yesterday!  It was certainly not without obvious 'darts' being thrown by the Enemy:  3 of us who were from the drama/puppet team were not allowed in because their blue jeans were too dark, one of the inmates who had a key part was severely criticized by another inmate bringing her to tears right before the presentation, one of the speakers started screeching mid drama, and the inmates told us that they had experienced the onslaughts of the Enemy all the day!
BUT GOD was glorified in many ways.  Two of us were allowed through with the audio necessary and the inmates were able to thoroughly check the connections  and figure out the best way to use it.  The inmates did a marvelous job presenting the truth that Jesus Christ is our advocate before the father.  Many visitors as well as prisoners heard the message and were affected as the message was not from free outsiders but inmates that they knew.  Afterwards all joined in praising God through song with improvised instruments and two of the inmates from the drama gave clear powerful testimony of what God could do in the lives of those listening!
You prayed!  God answered!  May the Glory be His!
Thank you!
Please continue to pray with us for this ministry and for us as we prepare to go to a missions conference in the States next week!
Your obedient servant in Christ,
Jennie Salinas

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"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations" Matthew 28:19

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