"We are all the work of your hand" Isaiah 64:8

How Marvelous and Wonderful!

It is to see how God answers your faithful prayers.  We are so very thankful for the prayer warriors that  stand with us on the front line.  

This is the home that houses the 12 children that God is blessing with a new life in Him and for whom you have arduously prayed.  Your hard work and labor of love in prayer is very evident.  God has surprised us with blessings  and we are excited to see what more He has in store because of your faithfulness.

God is doing wonderful things in the home for children!

Vision for the Family's of Zihuatanejo.


Video of how it began and we hope to accomplish with your help.

We thank YOU for your attention and we pray that God will put in your heart to support in any way possible this project of life and hope for children of Zihuatanejo and its surrounding areas.




"Manos de Dios"/ Talita Cumi 

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"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations" Matthew 28:19

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